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Question 1. On the basis of what are the goods of territorial, regional, specialized road maintenance organizations procured?

Answer. Above mentioned road-operating organizations apply for our organization RUE UP Uzdorkomplekt. Based on the application, we provide roadside services with high-quality marketing and production services while working with other Ministries, departments, enterprises and organizations, as well as with foreign partners.

Question 2. What documents are needed for the purchase of bitumen?

Answer: In order to purchase imported road bitumen of BND 60/90 brand it is necessary to provide RUE UP Uzdorkomplekt with the power of attorney of the road maintenance organization, on the basis of which an invoice and quality certificate of imported goods will be provided from our side.

Question 3. How is the import of bitumen produced?

Answer: The shipment of import bitumen to road maintenance organizations is carried out by road and railway tanks to the destination station.

Question 4. How is the import of bitumen shipped?

Answer: In the process of processing imported bitumen shipment from RUE UZDORKOMPLEK UP, forwarders are provided for each road maintenance organization. Which with representatives of customs bodies carry out customs clearance at the station. Forwarders after cleaning and cleaning of tanks in the territory of the railway organization hand over accompanying documents concerning import bitumen to road maintenance organizations.

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